Baghdad Street

The best Teh Tarik can be found at Baghdad Street ! Yes, that’s true ! 

The street is very much well-known by the locals for Bhai Sarabat Stall and cheap, no frills eating outlet, Kampong Gelam Café. Another iconic shop would be Jamal Kazura Aromatics, established since 1933, situated at the junction of Baghdad Street and Bussorah Mall. The street name reflects the Arabic influence in Kampong Gelam but perhaps not many people are aware that it was once known as Kampong Intan as it was the place where diamonds and precious stones were traded.

The road closure that takes place from Friday afternoon onwards and over the weekend, has attracted more people to take a stroll down the street while checking out the shops and restaurants nearby. Fun-filled activities like flea market and street performances are also being carried out for visitors to enjoy.