Kandahar Street

Before Bazaar Ramadan was relocated to Muscat Street, this was where stalls were set-up amidst the moving traffic and jostling crowd. Fast forward to present day, Kandahar Street is still a heaven for food lovers. Restaurants and cafes lined up the row of shophouses – a mix match of traditional and hipster, east and west. Among others are Rumah Makan Minang and Bumbu Restaurants which sell authentic Indonesian food, Tish Tash Tosh – well-known for its signature tulang dish and the famous Rich & Good Cake Shop which sells old-school Swiss Roll for all occasions


Unlike Haji Lane where food, drinks and music go hand in hand, here at Kandahar Street, the diners opt for a cozier, more quiet time with family, friends and loved ones. A nearby park adds tranquillity to the place. A peaceful place to be at, especially in the evening, after a hard day at work. The call for prayer which is audible to along the street , adds to the calmness and serenity of the place.